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Patentability of Miroorganisms-Final Judgment of Diamond vs Chakrabarty
Diamond v. Chakrabarty: A Retrospective on 25 Years of Biotech Patents
Patentability of Biological Material(s) - Essentially, Therapeutic Antibodies - in India
Competition Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sector in India
Managing Intellectual Property as a Competitive Strategy
Intellectual Property Rights in Pharma Industry Growth of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry:Impact of Indian, US and European Patent Laws and Regulatory Requirements
Intellectual Property Rights in Pharma Industry
Analysis of Patent Filing Procedure in India Protect Your Scientific Intellectual Property
Analysis of Patent Filing Procedure in India
Searching Prior Art with Markush Patents for novel pharmaceuticals Intellectual Property Rights and its Development in India
Searching Prior Art with Markush Patents for novel pharmaceuticals
TRIPS, WTO and IPR: Impact of Indian Patent Act 2005 on Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Patent licensing: Global Perspective and Analysis of Case Studies
Intellectual Property Protection and US Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Economies
TRIPS, WTO and IPR – Counterfeit Drugs
Compulsory Licensing under TRIPS: How Far it Addresses Public Health Concerns in Developing Nations
Facilitating Access or Monopoly: Patent Pools at the Interface of Patent and Competition Regimes
TRIPS, WTO and IPR - The Year 2009 in Retrospect
IP Audit: Way to a Healthy Organization
Approaches to Ensuring Access to Pharmaceuticals under the New China’s Patent Law

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Country wise E version of Patent Act

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